Which of our five levels is best for your business?

by Sue Staton, Tuesday, Apr 05 2016


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Wintersgill Associates is a chartered accountancy firm based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire. We work with clients up to £25m turnover, offering five distinct levels of service from bookkeeping through to strategic business consultancy.

A set of accounts has to look to the past, but we also help our clients to look ahead: we are ambitious for them, and will help to prepare them for the future they want.

We will work closely with our clients throughout the year to provide the detailed management information and strategic support they need to articulate, plan for and achieve their goals.

You can choose to take up our services at any level – then choose to stay there, or to move up when the time is right. Some clients may only ever want Level 1, or Level 5.

Which level is best for your business?

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Level 1 – We’re your accountant 

Do you need book-keeping or payroll service? A set of year-end accounts, VAT returns, or pension auto-enrolment? Advice on your business or personal tax? A company secretarial service? We’ll provide the highest standard of service across all your traditional accountancy needs – helping you tick all the right boxes, in the most efficient way, and ensuring your never miss a deadline. Whether you’re a start-up, sole trader or SME, we’re here to shoulder the boulder for you.

Level 2 – We’re your management accountant

Your accounts are only published once a year – and they look to the past, not the future. That’s why we offer you a series of ongoing monthly or quarterly financial reports and forecasts, delivering incisive information about your current performance so you can make better decisions for your future.

Our reports provide essential information on your profit & loss, assets and liabilities, cash flow, and operational and financial KPIs. Most importantly, our financial forecasting lets you spot more things in advance – like potential pitfalls, or surpluses which you can exploit.

Level 3 – We’re your finance director

If you don’t have a finance director, we can fulfil that role for you. This means you’ll have access to all the benefits of our extensive financial expertise and experience. We’ll help you interpret and act on all the information available at Level 2. We see our role as positively inspiring growth, rather than conservatively blocking it – and we can even help you find ways of funding it. We’ll take part in your board meetings, offering the sound financial advice and guidance that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

Level 4 – We’re your business troubleshooter

At levels 1 to 3, we often identify financial or operational issues which need resolving in order to improve efficiency, cut costs or enable growth. Although important, they might not feel immediately
urgent, so you may put them on the back burner…which is where they may stay.

But because we’re independent, we can work on them for you. Our services here might include investigating the cause of recurrent high costs, improving the procurement or sales process, obtaining funding, hiring and firing, improving the workplace culture, and much more.

Level 5 – We’re your strategic planner

Sometimes you need high-level, strategic business advice on how to do something completely out of the ordinary. And we’re here to help you make it happen as successfully as possible. That might include setting the future vision for your business, looking for capital, making a significant investment, arranging a merger or acquisition, planning an exit, or anything else. Wherever you’re going, we can design the route for getting there. This service is available on its own or as a complement to any of our other levels.

To find out more, call us on 01943 430 380 or email: grow@wintersgill-associates.com.

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