Get a Finance Department for less than the cost of one employee

Prices start from £6k per annum

A modern day business owner’s time is frequently stretched very thin. This is often attributable to finance, which is integral to successful business yet time consuming, confusing and frustrating!

Managing a business in Ilkley is more than a full time job, without adding the stress of finance and administration into the equation.

Dealing with finance in-house can be a costly endeavour, with recruitment fees and high wage costs. Not only this, if an in-house accountant leaves, so does a lot of valuable information, which may affect your business continuity and security.

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"We find that Wintersgill Associates are very efficient and provide us a very good quality service. We would very much recommend their services to our clients"

Ben Wilson, MPM Bradford

How to Set-up Your Own Finance Department for the Cost of One Employee

At Wintersgill Associates we can help your business move finance from a chore and a burden to a simple and efficient resource for your enterprise. Some of the services we offer include:


Frees up your valuable time to focus on the growth and development of your business.


You will save on recruitment and wage costs of an in-house accountant and the outsource cost will give you a higher ROI through better financing costs, improved cash flow, and more effective financial planning, management and control.

Enhanced business continuity

Complete back office solutions with no chance of valuable information loss, ensuring business continuity.

Reduced Risk

Strong financial information will allow your company to take a given direction with confidence.


We are available 24/7, so whatever the problem, we can respond in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring no time is lost in this fast paced business environment.

Small Business

We specialise in small to medium sized businesses just like yours. Indeed we only work with these sized businesses, as this is where our strength lies.

With prices starting at £6,000 per annum, get in touch today and start to save money and improve your business’ efficiency.

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