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by Sue Staton, Thursday, Nov 24 2016


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At Wintersgill Associates the reason for our existence is simple and clear. It is two-fold:

1) To support our clients and assist them in achieving their vision.

2) To provide our staff with a platform that is congruent with their own reason for existence.

When Paul Wintersgill set up the business in 2005 he had a clear brief: to find out what accountants do badly and do it better. Accountants have an uninspiring image and can be perceived as unapproachable, unresponsive and reactive. So he took it upon himself to change this perception and overcome these traits. At Wintersgill Associates the principle exists that nothing is too much trouble and there is no problem we can’t solve for you.

We are professionally qualified to the highest standards in order that we can fulfil our clients’ compliance needs. These are the traditional accountancy services that include the preparation of financial statements, completing business and personal tax returns and also tax planning and mitigation. But in addition we are much more than that. We are much more than just an accountancy practice as is demonstrated by our 5 levels of service, designed and developed to help us fulfil our mission to help you achieve your goals.

So, we have developed our services to make a difference to our clients’ performance and to assist clients with their vision. We have attracted a high calibre of staff using flexible working arrangements, by being at the forefront of technology and by aligning the needs of the staff member with those of the firm. It is imperative that our staff have the work/life balance that makes them happy and this approach in return translates to an exceptional standard of customer service, which we pride ourselves on.

But above all we know what it takes to grow a business. We understand the importance of systemisation and the creation of a turnkey operation and of working smart and not just hard. The proof is usually in the eating and what better way to demonstrate this than by doing this for ourselves. We have taken on four new employees in the past year and have very ambitious growth targets for the future.

Please do take the time to consider our 5 levels escalator graphic below to find out how high you and your business would like to go and let us help you too.

Wintersgill Associates – when you know, you can grow.

Wintersgill Escalator-A4 Portrait v2 (002)-page-001

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