MPM Case Study

MPM’s mission is to be the number one team of choice for the supply of composite/grp tooling and products in the UK.  In order to achieve this they need to focus on product quality, customer service and team performance.

Whilst accounts are a vital and inevitable part of the business, it can take too much time away from the daily focus if you are not skilled in this area.

In order to be the most efficient manufacturing facility in our field, we needed to ensure that we had a strong base of figures, measures, planning and forecasting – this is exactly what Wintersgill provide.

Wintersgill work with us on a regular basis to offer an outsourced finance service, allowing us to concentrate on the daily running of the business whilst they focus on the numbers. Their particular specialism and knowledge of manufacturing companies allows them to really add value.

"Wintersgill associates are invaluable to our business. They give us confidence with great planning and improved measures, allowing us to concentrate on our team and service, whilst giving the bank confidence and up to date figures."

Ben Wilson

Cares about the business

Accounts are not just about following a system and getting the figures in line, they are to support the growth of the business and this is where Wintersgill show they really care about the numbers and what they mean to our business

Great planning

We could not go forward without some great planning. The plans they provide offer us an excellent structure to enable us to think to the future and lift us out of the everyday detail.

Improved measures for efficient forecasting

Forecasting is an essential element that gives our bank confidence in us for the future. Wintersgill are great at dealing with the banks and giving them exactly what they need.

Regular and focused reviews with key measures

These regular meetingsallow us to focus on running ourbusiness, producing quality products and excellent team service. Wintersgill will come up with proactive advice for improvements to our systems and processes not just number crunching.

Brings accounts to Life

Accounts can be fun and Wintersgill bring the numbers to life in a unique way, giving us a clearer picture and greater meaning for our business.

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